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Murano Glass Island It is difficult to attempt to condense into just a few lines that which has been the history of glass and its techniques over the past centuries, but you can undoubtedly investigate the subject further by making reference to the LINKS of this site. Glass first came to Venice around the 10th Century AD. This fact is testified to by a document written by the Benedictine monk Fiolario, who produced ampoules for domestic use.
Thanks to trading contacts established with the Orient,
Venice brought this knowledge, which had already been the heritage of the Egyptians, Phoenicians and Syrians, to its highest levels of expression.
Towards the year 1100, the furnaces were obliged to move to the nearby islet of
Murano (in days of old, Amurianum), because of the problems caused by pollution and fire hazards.
Murano's fame was thus born and grew
where the families hand down, from generation to generation, recipes and secrets that nobody else is capable of matching.
Murano soon became the glass capital of the world, forming with it an inseparable binomial. Glass is made up of a mixture of silica sand, oxides and carbonates. There are an infinite number of kinds in function of their use. Manual glass workingMurano Glass workers requires that the same possesses very particular characteristics. Murano, with its thousand years of glass-making tradition, has brought the characteristics possessed by the glass destined to manual working, to the highest possible levels, and this in terms of workability, intrinsic quality, purity of its physical structure, stability and splendor of color and transparency.
This is the reason why the Company KROMOS GLASS of
Daniele Poletti only uses Murano glass for his jewels.

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